December 20th, 2013

Things Shorty & Fatty Say #310, #311: Flammable


Shorty has been renovating our study and Fighter’s room. She repainted the walls and we’ve had to stay away from the rooms for a few days because of the strong fresh paint smell. I happened to do some research to see if there is a quicker way to get rid of the new paint smell.

Me: Shorts. Did you know that you can light a candle and leave it in the room for hours and it will help take away the smell?

Shorty: Really? *skeptical*

Me: Serious. Don’t believe go Google it.

Shorty: *checks Google* YOU’RE RIGHT IT DOES!!!

Me: Yes… it removes all bad odors too. So next time if I fart you can just light a candle in the room.

Shorty: Yes… except that your fart is probably flammable. So it’ll catch fire.

Me: Funny.


We’re at the GSC Media Appreciation Night where we got to watch Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Shorty: Look they gave us free popcorn.

Me: Yep.

Shorty: Is it caramel or salted?

Me: Caramel.

Shorty: YAY! That’s what you like right?

Me: No… I like salted popcorn. Shows how much you know about me after so many years of marriage Shorty.

Shorty: HEY … how I know… you like caramel too.